Achievements & Projects

The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry has not only made its contribution towards the promotion of exports for Pakistan but has also contributed extensively to the social sector due to which Gujranwala has become a role model for other cities in developing countries. The Social Projects have been taken up by the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry including:

  • Gujranwala Business Center (GBC).
  • Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre (GTDMC).
  • Ceramics Center Gujranwala.
  • Export Processing Zone (S.I.E No. 3).
  • Small Industrial Estate (S.I.E No. 1,2,4).
  • Punjab University Gujranwala Campus.
  • Rachna Engineering College.
  • Gujranwala Medical College.
  • Help Education Trust.
Gujranwala Business Center (GBC)

Gujranwala Business Centre is a public sector company registered in 2017 and the land of GBC is provided by the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI). The core purpose of GBC is to promote the industrial sector of Gujranwala and to provide a shared display facility for the industries of Gujranwala. Gujranwala Business Centre (GBC) is a joint project of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA). To provide a facility that an individual enterprise may not avail and that businesses who cannot sell their products because of unavailability of resources for proper marketing, will also get a chance to present their products at a very reasonable expense and help them to learn and adopt new communication Technology.

To help the entrepreneurs to find out new markets and identification or weaker links in their product presentation through the expertise of the Business Center Team. And also provides space for meeting halls where different companies can conduct their internal meetings or meetings with foreign delegations/buyers.

Gujranwala Business Center is one of the top-rated places listed as a Business Supply Service in Gujranwala, Business Consultant in Gujranwala.

Gujranwala Tools, Dies And Moulds Centre (GTDMC)

Gujranwala Tools, Dies, and Moulds Centre (GTDMC) is modern; State-of-the-Art Common Facility Centre (CFC) established by TUSDEC to provide design, machining, manufacturing services, training, and consultancy to the local industry.

GTDMC is located in Gujranwala for the vibrant industrial clusters in and around Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Daska, and Wazirabad. The objective is to provide the Gujranwala and neighboring industries the access to most modern machines available today. Additionally, training on contemporary technologies and machines is offered along with technical assistance for designing Dies and Moulds. The Center’s mission is to help the local industry produce high-quality production tools that will directly save local businesses money in foreign exchange, as well as to enable local businesses to produce TDM-based completed goods that satisfy international quality requirements.

Ceramics Center Gujranwala

CDTC has been established by TUSDEC (Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company) to assist Pakistan’s major sanitary ware cluster around Gujranwala. The Centre is upgrading the Ceramics Industry, particularly sanitary ware, by providing a common facility in terms of training and contemporary machinery to enhance product quality & productivity. The Centre is enhancing the efficiency in the production process of the sanitary wares manufacturing sector by providing Training, Testing facilities, and Consultancy.

The core objective of the ceramics center is help to upgrade the ceramics industry, in particular, the Sanitary ware sector and other ceramic sectors in general by providing access to contemporary machinery, engineering technology, and production and manufacturing support in the form of a common facility Centre, for improving product or parts productivity, quality and enhancing skills of engineers and designers by equipping the Centre with latest machinery and equipment technology including Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering.

Export Processing Zone (S.I.E NO. 3)

Gujranwala Export Processing Zone was established through an MoU between EPZA and Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC). The Zone is established on an area of 113 acres which is fully developed. Operational activities started in the year 2013. All plots have been allocated/given on an ownership basis to the allottees by PSIC. All operational facilities are provided by EPZA under its charter and rules/procedures. Utilities i.e., Electricity, Gas & Telecommunication are provided by direct supply by the respective departments. Their exports were valued at US $ 1.281 million in 2019-20, and the cumulative export is US $4.157 million. Presently 13 industrial units are operational.

Small Industrial Estate No. 1,2,4 (S.I.E NO. 1,2, 4)

Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has established 21 Small Industries Estates across the Province and Small Industrial Estate 1,2,4 is also one of them. Most of these are fully colonized. These Industrial Estates where managed and run by the PSIC Regional Directors / Head Office. However, considering serious administrative issues adversely affecting the productivity/efficiency of the SIEs, the present PSIC Management devised a major policy shift and decided to constitute a Board of Management, for each SIEs, comprising Industrialists having industrial units in the respective Estate, and hand over the administrative control to these Boards, in order to manage their day-to-day affairs/matters.

Gujranwala is the hub of industrial activities in the clusters of household appliances, machinery, foundry, agriculture implements, etc.

Educational Institutes

The students of the Gujranwala region had to travel to other cities for studies in different fields. To facilitate them, the GCCI managed to establish the following institutes in Gujranwala from the government:

  • Punjab University Gujranwala Campus.
  • Rachna Engineering College.
  • Gujranwala Medical College.
Help Education Trust

The GCCI with the cooperation of its valued members is awarding scholarships in the field of Education to financially deserving brilliant students through the established Help Education Trust.

Cooperate Social Welfare

The GCCI has always fully cooperated with the district administration and government in any project that benefits the people. Some of the highlighted activities and initiatives include the corporate social responsibility of GCCI and many other social welfare projects undertaken needed from time to time are:

  • Prisoners Welfare Trust.
  • Siddique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital.
  • Haji Murad Trust Eye Hospital.
  • Ibrahim Trust Eye Hospital.
  • Jinnah Memorial Trust Hospital.
  • Rafique Anwar Memorial Trust Hospital.
  • Allama Iqbal Memorial Trust Hospital.
  • Al Rai Hospital Gujranwala.
Prisoners Welfare Trust

Provision of cooperation in monetary terms for the welfare of prisoners through the Prisoners Welfare Trust established with the collaboration of the Administration of District Central Jail Gujranwala.


Nothing is more important than your health because it plays a vital role in a nation’s economic growth and development. The Gujranwala has taken revolutionary steps in the health sector and medical facilities are being provided to about 40 percent of the citizens. In this regard, the trust hospitals in Gujranwala.

Day and night they are trying to create service. Apart from this, the up-gradation of the district hospital and provision of modern ambulances to the hospital, provision of free injections of hepatitis to deserving people, and the responsibility of periodic up-gradation of the social security hospital, etc. are included so that better medical facilities can be provided to the workers.