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23 May 2024 Regional Police Officer and City Police Officer paid a visit to GCCI.  View     Download
03 May 2024 Meeting on Business Facilitation Centre.  View     Download
30 Apr 2024 Ambassador of Ethiopia to Pakistan visited GCCI.  View     Download
29 Apr 2024 FTO paid a visit to Gujranwala Chamber.  View     Download
20 Apr 2024 VP GCCI visited the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Office.  View     Download
06 Apr 2024 Delegation from GCCI visited CPO Office Gujranwala.  View     Download
27 Mar 2024 Pakistan Ambassador to Ivory Coast visited GCCI.  View     Download
07 Mar 2024 Charge d'Affaires of Romania to Pakistan paid a visit to GCCI.  View     Download
02 Mar 2024 Delegation of ASEAN countries visited GCCI.  View     Download
26 Feb 2024 GCCI's Delegation visited Business Facilitation Centre.  View     Download
23 Jan 2024 Delegation from GAMBIA visited GCCI.  View     Download
15 Jan 2024 Chief Minister Punjab and President GCCI inaugurated the Business Facilitation Center.  View     Download
11 Jan 2024 President GCCI met Former Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.  View     Download
08 Jan 2024 A delegation from National Highway Authority visited GCCI.  View     Download
04 Jan 2024 Inauguration of Roads of Gujranwala.  View     Download
03 Jan 2024 Meeting of Board Members Arts Council Gujranwala.  View     Download
01 Jan 2024 President GCCI met with Prime Minister of Pakistan.  View     Download
28 Dec 2023 Awareness seminar regarding Civil Defence.  View     Download
19 Dec 2023 Golden Jubilee of Akhlaq Furniture.  View     Download
13 Dec 2023 Secretary of Industries Punjab visited GCCI.  View     Download
06 Dec 2023 Introductory meeting of Arts Council Grw at GCCI.  View     Download
04 Dec 2023 Inauguration of Business Facilitation Centre.  View     Download
02 Dec 2023 MOU signing between GCCI & UKPCCI.  View     Download
22 Nov 2023 Ambassador of Algeria to Pakistan visited GCCI.  View     Download
21 Nov 2023 Chief Minister Punjab visited GCCI.  View     Download
15 Nov 2023 Members of Cloth Market Board Grw visited GCCI.  View     Download
14 Nov 2023 Members of Cloth Market Board Grw visited GCCI.  View     Download
08 Nov 2023 Member Audit and Accounting FBR visited GCCI.  View     Download
06 Nov 2023 Inauguration of Yashfeen Cardiac & General Hospital.  View     Download
04 Nov 2023 Friendly Cricket Match between GCCI Business Community and Gujranwala Police.  View     Download
31 Oct 2023 A delegation of Senior Management Trainees Officers from the National Institute of Management visited GCCI.  View     Download
30 Oct 2023 Gujranwala Chamber's Annual General Meeting 2023.  View     Download
26 Oct 2023 Inauguration of Dialysis Center in Social Security Hospital.  View     Download
24 Oct 2023 GCCI-Export Focus Drive.  View     Download
20 Oct 2023 Meeting regarding Business Facilitation Center.  View     Download
17 Oct 2023 Seminar on Islamic Banking by Habib Metro Sirat.  View     Download
16 Oct 2023 High Commissioner of Nigeria visited GCCI.  View     Download
14 Oct 2023 Member Advisory Committee Federal Tax Ombudsman visited GCCI.  View     Download
11 Oct 2023 Belgium Ambassador visited GCCI.  View     Download
06 Oct 2023 GCCI's delegation visited Commissioner Office Grw.  View     Download
06 Oct 2023 President GCCI and DC Grw along with the Interim CM Punjab Team, inspected the development works.  View     Download
05 Oct 2023 MOU signing ceremony between Gujranwala Chamber and Toyota Cantt Motors Grw.  View     Download
09 Sep 2023 President GCCI had a meeting with Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab.  View     Download
06 Sep 2023 GCCI's delegation visited RTO Gujranwala.  View     Download
31 Aug 2023 Chief Traffic Officer Grw visited GCCI.  View     Download
28 Aug 2023 President GCCI visited Deputy Commissioner Office Grw.  View     Download
14 Aug 2023 GCCI celebrated 76th Independence Day of Pakistan.  View     Download
12 Aug 2023 Inauguration of Al-Qaim Foundation at Siddique Sadiq Memorial.  View     Download
09 Aug 2023 The High Commissioner of South Africa to Pakistan visited GCCI.  View     Download
08 Aug 2023 Meeting regarding SMOG by Secretary Environment Protection at Commissioner office Grw.  View     Download
07 Aug 2023 SFADA Degree Show 2023 by Gift University.  View     Download
04 Aug 2023 Police Martyrs Day was observed at Ashraf Marth Shaheed District Police Lines Grw  View     Download
02 Aug 2023 Collector Customs Sambrial visited GCCI.  View     Download
01 Aug 2023 GCCI's delegation visited CPO Office Gujranwala.  View     Download
18 Jul 2023 GCCI's delegation visited Member Customs Policy FBR Office.  View     Download
10 Jul 2023 Driving Test Counter in Gujranwala Chamber  View     Download
05 Jul 2023 VP GCCI visited Poland Embassy Pakistan.  View     Download
06 Jul 2023 District Administration called on meeting regarding security of Muharram ul Haram 2023  View     Download
23 Jun 2023 Chairman NEPRA visited Gujranwala Chamber  View     Download
21 Jun 2023 President GCCI had a meeting with the delegation of media representatives  View     Download
20 Jun 2023 A delegation of Senior Management Trainees Officers from the National Institute of Management visited GCCI  View     Download
15 Jun 2023 Awareness seminar on Pakistan Single Window by TDAP  View     Download
14 Jun 2023 Finance Bill 2023-24 meeting  View     Download
08 Jun 2023 District Coordination Committee to solve the issues of Business Community through one window operation  View     Download
08 Jun 2023 Office Bearers GCCI press release on upcoming Annual budget 2023-24  View     Download
03 Jun 2023 Office Bearers GCCI press release on OGRA rates  View     Download
01 Jun 2023 Office Bearers GCCI remarks related Petroleum Price  View     Download
31 May 2023 Ambassador of Pakistan to Denmark visited GCCI  View     Download
30 May 2023 Office Bearers GCCI remarks related Inauguration of Motorway Link to Gujranwala  View     Download
31 May 2023 Ambassador of Pakistan to Denmark visited GCCI  View     Download
19 May 2023 Invitation from Gift University  View     Download
17 May 2023 GCCI delegation visited the Child Protection Bureau office Gujranwala  View     Download
10 May 2023 Pakistan Stainless Steel Importer and Trader Association Eithad Group hosted a hearty feast  View     Download
18 Mar 2023 Vice President GCCI attend the ceremony of Narrowal Atomic Commission  View     Download
17 Mar 2023 Awareness session on Drugs prevention by Medical College Gujranwala  View     Download
14 Mar 2023 Visit of Jamia Chistiya Rizvia students at GCCI  View     Download
11 Mar 2023 Delegation from Azad Jammu and Kashmir  View     Download
10 Mar 2023 Delegation from GCCI visited the office of City Police Officer Gujranwala  View     Download
09 Mar 2023 President GCCI had the meeting with Chief Minister of Punjab  View     Download
08 Mar 2023 Meeting of Social Security Hospital Advisory Committee  View     Download
06 Mar 2023 Office Bearers GCCI asked Govt to look their advices for budget of 2023-24  View     Download
04 Mar 2023 Launching Ceremony of GCCI new version website  View     Download
02 Mar 2023 Office Bearers GCCI discussed the Devaluation of Pakistani Currency  View     Download
01 Mar 2023 Office Bearers GCCI discussed the issues of Textile Industry  View     Download
28 Feb 2023 Office Bearers GCCI discussed the downfall of Pakistani Products in international market  View     Download
23 Feb 2023 GCCI signed MOU with ICMA.  View     Download
22 Feb 2023 Chief Traffic Officer Gujranwala visited GCCI  View     Download
21 Feb 2023 President GCCI visited Sundas Foundation  View     Download
11 Feb 2023 9th Convocation of Gift University Gujranwala  View     Download
09 Feb 2023 Meeting with Additional Secretary Primary & Secondary Health Officer Grw  View     Download
07 Feb 2023 Meeting with Director PSIC and Other  View     Download
03 Feb 2023 Vice President GCCI attended Arab Health Expo  View     Download
02 Feb 2023 Meeting with Turkeya Ambassder  View     Download
01 Feb 2023 Meeting with City Police Officer  View     Download
31 Jan 2023 Meeting with Commissionor Gujranwala  View     Download
25 Jan 2023 Prime Minister Bussiness and agriculture loan Scheme  View     Download
21 Jan 2023 Heartiest Feast by Stainless Steel group  View     Download
19 Jan 2023 Meeting with Secretary Commerce  View     Download
18 Jan 2023 Qasim Ali Shah visit to GCCI  View     Download
17 Jan 2023 Press Confernce on Business Crises  View     Download
14 Jan 2023 Meeting with Senior Member of GCCI  View     Download
07 Jan 2023 SVP had meeting with FPCCI Lahore  View     Download
03 Jan 2023 Meeting with Director General TDAP  View     Download
02 Jan 2023 Trade Development (TDAP)  View     Download
28 Dec 2022 Prime Minister Rozgar secheme  View     Download
23 Dec 2022 Meeting with Director Socail Security  View     Download
22 Dec 2022 Meeting with Commissionr Gujranwala  View     Download
21 Dec 2022 Meeting with DC Gujranwala  View     Download
19 Dec 2022 Visit of Central Jail Gujranwala  View     Download
15 Dec 2022 Meeting City Traffic Officer Gujranwala  View     Download
09 Dec 2022 VP Meeting with Japan Ambassador  View     Download
02 Dec 2022 JOB FAIRS  View     Download
23 Nov 2022 Punjab Rozgar Scheme  View     Download
21 Nov 2022 Meeting with DC Grw  View     Download
19 Nov 2022 Regional Police Officer  View     Download
16 Nov 2022 Meeting with Chairman FBR  View     Download
15 Nov 2022 Iqbal Day  View     Download
08 Nov 2022 GINUM Hospital  View     Download
02 Nov 2022 Meeting with Federal Minister industry 2  View     Download
31 Oct 2022 National Day of Turkey  View     Download
22 Oct 2027 Meeting with Secretary Eniviroment Secuirty Grw  View     Download
25 Oct 2022 City Traffic Officer Gujranwala  View     Download
24 Oct 2022 Collector Custom  View     Download
17 Oct 2022 Ali Baba Seminar  View     Download
08 Oct 2022 Visit Socail Security Hospital  View     Download
08 Oct 2022 Visit Cultlery Assocation  View     Download
05 Sep 2022 MEETING WITH MINISTRY OF ENERGY  View     Download
04 Sep 2022 ZTech Expo  View     Download
30 Sep 2022 AGM  View     Download