Office Bearers of GCCI issued a joint statement by expressing their concerns regarding issuance of Euro bonds in the world market and offering of additional markup rate on them that mark up rate on the issued euro bonds are too high. Government is dragging the economy of the country towards the darkness by declaring high rate of interest on Euro bonds whereas no strong plan is being seen in this regard. Is government is considering for new industry to be installed or initiating new projects form where high profit would be gained. In other case, this revenue will be spent in non developmental expenditures and our economy will go in high deficit. So long term policy is to made rather than gaining temporary benefit. History proved that whenever short planning has been done in the past for short term benefit, not much benefit is gained. So, the need of the hour is that government should lessen the markup rate in order to have advantage from this scheme and strong policy is to brought before the people so that transparency could be examined with regard to deficit or surplus.